Welcome to King's Compass.

Compass is an all-in-one communications portal and Learning Management System. It is the one-stop-shop for parents, students and staff to go for information relevant for them.

For parents, the information is tailored so that you will only see information that is relevant for your children, their Year Level or subjects and their interests.

  • Compass is new to King's in 2018. Over the coming months you will see additional functionality as new modules are rolled out
  • A Compass mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices (from late February, 2018)
  • Access to 'Parent Lounge' to pay fees, view reports, book parent-teacher interviews etc will occur from within Compass


    King's Compass

    Compass is an on-line communications portal and learning management system.

    King's parents can access Compass via their unique username and password.

    From within Compass, parents can view news and other information related to their child's class and interests

    Innovation Portal

    Our Innovation Portal helps students and parents use technology to enhance learning. The portal includes topics such as Project Based Learning, our 1:1 program, Cyber Safety and STEM.

    Teachers and Admin Staff

    Teacher's Kiosk

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