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Primary (Prep - Year 6) Virtual Campus Opening January 2024

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King's Virtual Campus FAQ

Distance Education with a Difference

At King's, we recognise how families approach life, work, and learning is changing, but our intrinsic need for connection has not. Advances in the digital world have opened up many new and exciting educational pathways to align with the individual needs of families.

The success of our online learning program, as a response to various periods of disruption to face-to-face learning, inspired us to develop our King's Virtual Campus. In short, we developed new ways to offer more Queensland families the opportunity to experience a King's education.

King's Virtual Campus is a unique distance education hybrid with the benefits of a fortnightly on-campus connection at our Pimpama Campus on the Gold Coast.

Learning is facilitated through teacher led content, developed and delivered by our professional King's staff through a combination of pre-prepared resources and real-time, online lessons. In addition, a fortnightly gathering at our Pimpama Campus, allows families to connect and participate in various learning experiences face-to-face.

The King's Virtual Campus is distance education with a difference. The program delivers the Australian curriculum for Prep to Year 6.  The content is based upon the curriculum delivered to on-campus students at King's, but is adapted to suit an online, distance education environment.

Students will study via a combination of teacher-directed learning (via zoom), pre-recorded instructional video, preset work to complete at home with supervision by parents, and online tutorial sessions with the teacher.

Exceptional Christian Education Delivered Online

King's has provided exceptional Christian education for over 40 years. Our Virtual Campus is an extension of our long-standing reputation for student success, high academic results and excellence in sports and arts.

We work in partnership with parents in their children's learning as we lay the foundations to ensure every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Dedicated professional Christian teachers deliver full time, term time, scheduled lessons, like a regular school day, in a virtual setting. This is complemented by fortnightly in-person specialist lessons at our Pimpama campus on the Gold Coast. 

The day starts with our teachers delivering key learning content, while the afternoon program includes independent work, tutorials and small group sessions.

Our online program is structured into two-week learning modules, which consist of the following:

  • Weekly live "Guided Instructional Sessions"
  • Core content via digital presentations and informative videos
  • A combination of collaborative and self-paced projects 
  • Flexible, individual and small group tutoring sessions

Cultivating a Connected Community

If there is one thing we have learned about this digital age, it is that although we may all be "connected", we need genuine connection. Studies have shown that human interaction is essential for brain development and wellbeing. Simply put, by gathering, we grow.

At King's, we value the enrichment of these in-person connections, and it's why we have prioritised this in our Virtual Campus education.

On Campus Days

One day per fortnight, students will experience an on-campus day at the King's Pimpama Campus. This day also includes a program for parents, where they can connect with other King's Virtual Campus families.

Our fortnightly on-campus days provide specialist lessons that include health & physical education, music, art, STEM and languages, along with our Chapel and Wellbeing programs equipping families to live a diligent life of faith and purpose. Excursions and camps further foster the development of Christian leadership, connections and friendships providing families with our favourite King's experiences. 


During the fortnightly, on-campus day, families will have access to the facilities at King's Pimpama.

  • Library
  • Music studios
  • Art, drama and dance studios
  • Outside sports oval and courts
  • Chapel in the school auditorium
  • King's Table cafe where parents can meet up
  • Canteen

Education That Changes Their World Without Costing the Earth

At King's, we have a heart to provide an exceptional standard of learning for everyday families who value excellence in Christian education. Our professional Christian teachers develop and deliver innovative curriculum and believe nurturing your child is as important as teaching them. A King's education is now accessible to even more Queensland families.

The fee structure for our Virtual Campus continues our long-held aim to offer a well-resourced learning environment while ensuring that Christian Education is accessible to all families. With Virtual Campus tuition fees starting at $500 per student per term, a King's education may be more affordable than you think.

Enrolling at King's Virtual Campus

We are accepting enrolment applications for:

Primary School

  • Prep to Year 6

Please be aware that applicants need a Queensland address to be considered for enrolment.

Enrol for King's Virtual Campus


If you are considering distance education at King's Virtual Campus for your child or would like further information, please contact our friendly Enrolments team on:

T: (07) 5587 7600

King's Virtual Campus:
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees and other costs?

  • The tuition fee is $500 per student per term
  • You will need to supply an iPad, tablet or laptop.  If you prefer, you can hire an iPad from the College (approx $350 pa)
  • A stable internet connection capable of streaming video is essential
  • Sports uniform for on-campus days and for live 'zoom' lessons
  • Stationery and other consumable items.

How will a typical day work?

  • Each day will begin with a 15-minute check-in and devotion from 8:45am - 9:00am
  • Attendance rolls will be marked at the beginning of each school day
  • Live teaching sessions begin at 9:00 am. The morning will be a combination of live 'zoom' sessions and preprepared video to explain content.
  • After the live teaching sessions, students will be left with work to complete independently.  Completed work will be returned to the teacher for ongoing assessment
  • The teacher will be available for tutorial sessions

What will happen on the 'on-campus' day?

  • Students will come onto the King's Pimpama campus on one day each fortnight.  
  • Students will use specialist facilities to study Music, Drama, Art, STEM, Health and PE and attend Chapel
  • Students will attend classes with their Virtual Campus classmates

How is learning content delivered?

Content will be delivered via the King's learning management system, 'Compass'.  To access this, each student will need an iPad / tablet / computer.  Most content is delivered through a web browser.  For some subjects, particular apps are necessary.

Can I use an IT device I already own?

You can use a device you already own.  Each student will need their own device. Most content is delivered by a web browser.  You will need a consistent internet connection that is capable of streaming video.  If you use your own device, you may need to purchase / download specific apps.

What if I don't own a device?

The College can provide an iPad on loan for an additional fee of approx $350pa.  This iPad will remain the property of the College and will be subject to a loan agreement between you and the College.  It will come preloaded with all the apps required. 

What if I miss a day or a morning teaching session?

Each session will be recorded so students can watch again if they need to, or catch up if they miss a session. The live sessions with the teacher are interactive. Missing a session will mean missing the opportunity to interact with the teacher.

Can students take part in extra-curricular activities?

Instrumental music lessons will be available before school. Students can sign up for before and after-school activities depending on availability and the requirements of the activity providers. 

Will my child need to wear a uniform?

During 'on-campus' days and during live online teaching sessions, students will need to wear the College sports uniform.  Information on College uniforms and the College uniform shop can be found by following this link.

Do I need to supervise my children?

A parent will need to be available during the live sessions in case there is an issue that the teacher needs to discuss. Parents will need to oversee independent work to ensure it is completed and submitted on time.

Can't Find an Answer to Your Question?

Please email our Virtual team at or call us on (07) 5587 7600.