Colours Awards

Primary Colours Award Scheme

By recognising students’ diligence, perseverance, faithfulness and dedication, the awards play an important role in encouraging and promoting a desire within the student body to become a representative of our College.

Primary Colours are awarded for academic, cultural and sporting fields. Colours are a reward for not only performance but also for diligence at training and practice.

Students who are awarded a ‘colour’ receive a cloth badge and a certificate. These are presented in front of their family and peers during an Assembly. The cloth badge is worn on the right hand side of the day uniform below the collar.

The Colour Award Scheme is made up of four levels:
White: Representative of the school at a District level with a minimum requirement of 75% attendance at any training or practice sessions.
Teal: Student has represented the District at a Regional level.
Red: Student has represented the Region at a State level, and
Gold: Student has represented at a National level.