Extension Program

Distinguishing a student who will thrive on extension is a multi-faceted process. Both intellectual and personal traits need to be taken into consideration.

Intellectual traits may include:Personal traits may include:
  • Exceptional reasoning ability
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Rapid learning rate
  • Complex thought processes
  • Vivid imagination
  • Passion for learning
  • Insightful/intuitive
  • Need for mental stimulation
  • Need to understand
  • Perseverance
  • Need for precision/logic
  • Intensity

The King's Christian College Extension Program aims to correctly target students that will benefit and flourish from the challenge. It is school-wide, inclusive, dynamic and continuous. It ensures that all gifts and talents are catered for and linked to the Australian Curriculum.

The program is run in-class, alongside what is being taught to the class as a whole, This allows for early identification of children's personal and intellectual attributes and enables input from everyone involved. Students will be challenged to think creatively and laterally about themes occurring inside the classroom and represent their thinking using a variety of media.