Extension Program

The vision for our Primary Extension Program is for all our students to feel valued and supported in a learning environment which both challenges and inspires them to pursue excellence and develop a passion for lifelong learning. The extension program is based upon the idea that gifted and talented students have the right to a level of support that will extend their individual potential and abilities through appropriate academic programs.

We identify, nurture and support those students who demonstrate that they are highly able, but also understand that there are varying degrees of giftedness and provide a range of extension programs that caters for such differences in a rigorously challenging environment.

Within the classroom context, teachers provide opportunities to extend students through the regular school curriculum by implementing a range of school-wide thinking strategies and higher order thinking processes. In the upper primary years, students demonstrating high ability in Mathematics and English have the opportunity to be placed into Enrichment classes at their grade level.

The Think Tank space is a learning environment that specifically nurtures giftedness and talent. In this innovative learning space, students can participate in programs that extend learning beyond the regular classroom environment. Ongoing evaluation and assessment is carried out to ensure that all students perform at their optimum level of ability.

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