Sport and PE

Primary Sport

Sport at King’s provides students with a wide range of experiences and opportunities. It offers constructive and positive pathways, where the willingness to be actively and practically involved is just as important as the final results. Sport is a vehicle which is used to develop physical and social skills and is also an active contributor in the nurturing of character development and sportsmanship.

King’s is associated with eight private schools to form the Associated Private Schools (APS). This association provides a wide variety of academic, cultural and sporting opportunities. APS convenes sports carnivals in swimming, cross country and athletics. Weekly sports competitions occur in winter - Term 2 and summer - Term 4.

Winter sports include Tennis, Rugby Union, Netball, Soccer, Hockey, Newcombeball and Volleyball.

Summer sports include Touch Football, Softball, Cricket, European Handball, AFL and Basketball.

King’s is also affiliated with the Gold Coast South District School Sport and South Coast Region through which students can be selected as representative players through to National level. Our students participate in District swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals.

We have highly qualified staff that coach our teams as well as access to outside professional coaches who assist our teachers to take our athletes and sporting teams to the next level. These professional coaches are some of the best coaches in their given sport in Australia. We provide free coaching before and after school in Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Rugby and Netball.

Primary Physical Education

Active engagement in physical activity is a major emphasis in physical education. The Primary Physical Education Program promotes health-related fitness as well as maximising movement education for all students. Physical Education is provided as a medium for learning. Personal development, social, self-management and citizenship skills are promoted, as our specialised PE staff actively guide and mentor students to keep their sporting experience connected with Christian faith. The various units have been specifically designed to cater for every student’s needs, encouraging individuals to continually challenge themselves.

Prep - Year 2

Prep - Year 2 students have two, thirty-minute lessons each week where the focus is developing fundamental movement skills whilst making learning FUN! Students become familiar with body spatial awareness, know how our bodies work and know what body parts need to be moved for certain simple activities. Locomotive and non-locomotive movements, as well as manipulative skills are taught as they can improve the quality of physical performance and will support participation in physical activities.

Year 3 - Year 6

Students in Year 6 have one, forty minute PE lesson a week that coincides with the compulsory APS winter and summer sports program.

The main units covered include: Rhythm and dance, aquatics program, striking and fielding skills, fitness and athletics.

Students learn how to apply techniques for fundamental and simple specialised movement skills to enhance performance in physical activity. As students’ progress, they learn how to modify these techniques and selectively apply movement concepts to enhance physical performance and increase enjoyment in physical activity.

Students are encouraged to work cooperatively, to become aware of others and to play fairly. This enhances the experience of physical activity for individuals and groups - making sure everyone is being included, encouraged and most importantly, everyone is having FUN!