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Class of 2006 - 10 Year Reunion

Saturday, 30 July 2016 | Bond University Club

We were thrilled to have more than half of the graduating class of 2006 arrive at Bond University Club for their 10 Year Reunion. The teachers, Mr and Mrs Davis, Mr and Mrs Maleham, Mrs Fuller, Mr Harriman and Mr Robertson also attended the evening, catching up over canapes and mingling. We watched some highlight videos, a heap of ‘school days’ photos and had lots of fun reminiscing on how things were and how things have changed.

10 of the graduates from this class have ended up marrying someone else from the grade and at least nine attendees work, or have worked, within the King’s community. One of the guests on the evening flew all the way from Japan to be at the reunion and one student came along 41 weeks pregnant. Now that is dedication!

Then and Now

Kenneth Claasen and Jessica Dickson were Head Prefects together at King's. Now married (along with eight other 2006 graduates who met their spouse at King's), Ken and Jess now have two beautiful daughters together. They even brought their newborn to the reunion to introduce to their old classmates.

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