Year 6 Conquer a Closer Mountain

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Year 6 students were disappointed when COVID cancelled their Canberra camp and skiing plans this year, but a much closer mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland provided the perfect place for an alternative three-day getaway. The cohort ventured to QCCC on Mount Tamborine in Week 4 of Term 4, and enjoyed many adrenalin-inducing activities from archery, orienteering and the giant swing, to team challenges, bush craft and survival skills.

Year 6 student Emilia Wruck put her photography skills to use to capture some memorable moments, and she also shared a few camp highlights:

"The Year 6 camp was a blast! When we all thought we would be going without a camp this year, we got a camp! Tamborine Mountain may have been a long drive, but it was definitely worth it. ‍‍‍‍‍‍Over the three days away, we did many amazing activities. Among them, the most educational were the nature bush walk in Tamborine National Park and the nature workshop. These left us with interesting facts in our minds and the taste of wild native raspberries on our tongues. Many students will agree that the possum glider and the giant swing were the most scary and fun. Both involved being in a harness and being pulled upwards, and both required a lot of team strength to pull you into the air.

After two sunny days, there was a lightning storm. This led to all outdoor activities being cancelled and resorted to indoor activities led by the camp instructors. We started off with a couple of games then moved into our four Houses. We did rotations of four fun activities, team challenges, plate spinning, hoopla hooping and creating squishy juggling balls. At night our devotions were a hit. The first night in our devotion groups we wrote down any unkind and/or untrue label that either we call ourselves, or others have called us. The next night these labels were placed on a cross and then ripped off and thrown in a bin. Then in our devotion groups our teacher/leader gave a true label of who we are. This second night was truly emotional. ‍‍Camp could not have been better! Of course, this could not have happened without our teachers. So, thank you teachers for all your help and support and we hope you had as much fun as we did!"