King's Sterling Success at State Skipping


'King’s Skipperoos’ represent a talented group of male and female student skippers who train 3-5 times a week for a number of competitive skipping events. The sport of skipping utilises many skills including speed, power, focus, dedication, resilience and teamwork, and King’s coaches have built a strong club culture of mentorship and peer encouragement. 

Seventeen of King’s Skipperoos successfully qualified to compete at the recent Queensland Skipping State Championships at Chandler Arena in Brisbane, which took place from 8-9 May. Competing as individuals, pairs or teams and ranging in age from 7-17, every member of the King’s team achieved a top 3 placing in at least one event during the competition..

The Skipperoos are now in training for the National Championships which will be held at Carrara Sports Complex from 5-7 June. Thank you to our coaches Elly Meteyard, Learne Hawkins, Jenny Meteyard, Jill Smith, Jasmine Hawkins and Ashlee Swinbourne who support and train these amazing young athletes, and good luck to our team at the Nationals.

Congratulations Skipperoos on Your Collective Success

Age groupStudent/sEventPlacing
8 & Under FemaleIsla DonovanIndividual Freestyle3rd
8 & Under PairsIsla Donovan & Nate Mpala2 x 30 Speed Relay1st
Isla Donovan & Nate Mpala2 x 30 Double Unders1st
Isla Donovan & Nate MpalaFreestyle1st
Isla Donovan & Nate MpalaDouble Dutch Speed1st
9 Years FemaleMackenzie Hoy30 Second Speed2nd
Maizie Liddell30 Second Speed3rd
10 Years FemaleAyla Mitchell1 Minute Speed1st
Ayla MitchellFreestyle3rd
Ayla MitchellOverall3rd
9-10 Years FemaleIndi Braun, Cindy Xie,
Ayla Mitchell & Maizie Liddell
4 x 30 Speed Relay 2nd

Indi Braun, Cindy Xie,
Ayla Mitchell & Maizie Liddell
Double Dutch Freestyle3rd

Indi Braun, Cindy Xie,
Ayla Mitchell & Maizie Liddell
Team Freestyle1st
Ayla Mitchell & Indi BraunPair Freestyle2nd
10 & Under MaleNate Mpala30 Second Speed1st
1 Minute Speed1st
Overall 3rd
11-14 Years MaleAulivier Liddell30 Second Speed3rd
3 Minute Endurance2nd
11-12 Years FemaleAnnie Myburgh1 Minute Triple Unders1st
Leila Tolhurst, Aulivier Liddell,
Addison Roughley & Ashlee Swinbourne
4 x 30 Speed Relay 3rd
Leila Tolhurst, Ashlee Swinbourne,
Isabelle Fitzpatrick & Addison Roughley
Double Dutch Speed Relay 2nd
Ashlee Swinbourne, Leila Tolhurst
& Charlotte Mikkelson
Double Dutch Freestyle 2nd
12 Years FemaleCharlotte Mikkelson3 Minute Endurance1st
Charlotte MikkelsonOverall3rd
Annie Myburgh3 Minute Endurance2nd
Annie MyburghFreestyle1st
Annie MyburghOverall1st
12-15 Years FemaleAnnie Myburgh, Charlotte Mikkelson,
Jordan Smith & Zoe Mitchell
4 x 30 Speed Relay 2nd
16-18 Years FemaleJasmine Hawkins & Jordan Smith2 x 30 Second Double Unders 3rd
18 Years FemaleJasmine Hawkins30 Second Speed3rd
Jasmine HawkinsConsecutive Triple Unders
(Australian Record)

Special congratulations to Jasmine Hawkins, who broke the Australian Record for consecutive Triple Unders in the Open Age division during the State Skipping Championships. Jasmine’s incredible athletic ability saw her record 161 consecutive triples, 20 more than the national record that had been held since the 2008 World Championships. Jasmine has now been selected for the Australian team to compete in the 2021 IJRU World Championships.