King's Teams Shine at the APS Cross Country


APS Primary Cross Country

One word sums up King's extraordinary effort at the recent Primary APS Cross Country Carnival - "TEAM." Despite pouring rain and puddles of mud, our team shone brightly with a sensational start to the carnival. Their lightning-fast results earned them the 9 Years First Place pennant for King's in their category, against the other APS schools.

The 9 Years Girls team had three students finish in the Top 5 out of 64 starters. Abby Coetzee's exceptional race saw her claim 1st Place, with teammates Makyra Melo and Rachel Sadler following closely in 4th and 5th Place. The 9 Years Boys team was also commendable, with Knox Anderson earning 2nd place, Isaac Schwartz 3rd place and Archer Donovan 6th place.

Our 12 Years Girls team results were also superb and won them their team pennant, with Kebe Stanford-Modini running a strong 2nd Place, while her training partner, Charlotte Lawry, came in 4th. Jessica Melo and Mischa Barker also ran an impressive 10th and 11th place to secure the pennant.

King's Primary team was strong across the board and they finished the event 2nd Place Overall to All Saints by a mere 9 points. This was the best Cross Country result in King’s history and demonstrates what can be achieved by our athletes when they prepare early, work hard, and believe it’s possible! Mr Grady, Mr Muir and our King’s sports department are so proud of our Primary Cross Country team - well done!

Aggregate Placings

  1. All Saints Anglican College - 1647 
  2. King's Christian College - 1638 
  3. Emmanuel College - 1513 
  4. Somerset College - 1508 
  5. AB Paterson College - 1449 
  6. Coomera Anglican College - 1424 
  7. Trinity Lutheran College - 1116 
  8. St Stephens College - 1113 

2021 APS High School Cross Country

This year’s King’s high school team was off to a rough start with our Cross Country Captain, Brad Course, unable to compete due to two broken arms, as well as missing four other key runners out with injury. However, our female Cross Country Captain, Sayla Donnelley, started the day with a sizzling win for King's, taking out the Open Girls Cross Country in 1st Place and beating 2nd place by a dominant 20 seconds.

The High School Girls team had athletes on the podium in every agegroup, with Lara Cullen dominating the 16 Years Girls 30-seconds ahead of the 2nd Place-getter, Ruby Hughes running 2nd in the 15 Years Girls, Kyah Anderson and Polly Sowery taking out 1st and 2nd in the 14 Years Girls, and Abby Cullen finishing 2nd in the 13 Years Girls. 2022 promises a very strong King’s Cross Country Girls team, including those athletes who medalled this year for King’s continuing in 2022, and the addition of our 12 Years Girls team who won their APS 12 Years pennant in the Primary Carnival.

Our King’s High School Boys also showcased two winners with Joseph Lethlean dominating the 14 Years Boys, Charlie Miller winning the 15 Years Boys, and Jackson Brown earning 3rd Place with a gutsy run in the 13 Years Boys. Well done to our High School team for finishing in 3rd Place overall and the College looks forward to a very competitive carnival in 2022.

Aggregate Placings

  1. All Saints Anglican College - 2140 
  2. Emmanuel College - 2126 
  3. King's Christian College - 2023 
  4. Somerset College - 2020 
  5. Trinity Lutheran College - 1681 
  6. AB Paterson College - 1491 
  7. St Stephens College - 1369 
  8. Coomera Anglican College - 1365
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