Simultaneous Storytime Read from Space


Last week, King's libraries celebrated Australia Library and Information Week 2021 with this year's theme Adventures in Time and Space. The exciting week fostered a sense of curiosity as our students delved deeper into the wonder of creation, reading relevant books and engaging in a range of space-related activities.

Wednesday, 19 May, at 11am marked a memorable moment for our Primary students, who joined more than a million students from across Australia and New Zealand for National Simultaneous Storytime. Now in its 21st year, this incredible event promotes the value of reading and literacy, with an age-appropriate Australian children's book read simultaneously to participating students. This year's book 'Give me space,' by Philip Bunting, was sent by a rocketship into space and read by astronaut Dr Shannon Walker from an International Space Station to awestruck audiences! Our students loved this captivating story of Una, who dreamed of an exciting life in space and found herself on the adventure of a lifetime.