Skipping to Gold and New Record


Congratulations to Bethany Lakeman, Year 9, for winning three gold and two silver medals at the Queensland State Skipping Championships. Her team also broke an Australian Double Dutch speed record.

Beth competed both individually and as part of a team in speed, freestyle and Double Dutch events. Individually Beth won the silver medal for Tripple Unders. With her team, she won one silver and three gold medals and broke the Australian record for the 4 x 30 Double Dutch Speed. The record was 273 jumps and Beth's team scored 302.

Beth has also qualified for the third time to represent Australia at the World Championships.

Bethany is dedicated to her training regime and this has resulted in exceptional skills and her achievements are a result of her hard work.

Congratulations Bethany.  Happy skipping into many more records!

Bethany Lakeman and her team at the QLD State Skipping Championships