Staff Help Grow the King's Family


Congratulations to Mr Ben Coleman (Maths-Science High School Teacher), Mr Matthew Hutley(Year 6 teacher) and Mr Peter Spink (Year 4 Lead Teacher) and their wives on the birth of their beautiful children in the past few months.

Tidus James Ayron Hutley

Mr and Mrs Hutley's first child was born on at 10:46am on the morning of 16 February. 

Mr & Mrs Hutley with baby Tidus

Aubrey May Coleman

Mr and Mrs Coleman's second child was born on 26 February. Aubrey is loving being  spoilt by her big brother, Mason.

Mr & Mrs Coleman's daughter, Aubrey

Benaiah John Spink

Mr and Mrs Spink would like to introduce you to their baby boy, Benaiah John Spink, born at 5:54 am on 26 April weighing 3920g.

Mr & Mrs Spink's son, Benaiah

"Benaiah means “son of the Lord” or “God has built” (in Hebrew). John means “God is gracious” (in Hebrew). In the Bible (2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 1 Chronicles), Benaiah was renowned even among the “mighty men” of David. He was a man of great strength, courage and character who loyally served his king amidst rebellion and was set as a guard over many. John was also a man of great loyalty and faith. He was referred to as “the disciple whom Jesus loved” and the only disciple who remained with Jesus in his darkest hour at the foot of the cross," shared Mr Spink.

"Together, these names have a meaning like 'loved son of the Lord' or 'mighty man loved by God'. We believe our son is called to be a mighty man of great courage, character, loyalty and faith. They also have a meaning like 'God has built our family by His grace', following a difficult journey in building our family. Lastly, the names also honour and subtly reflect the name of the late ‘Brian John Spink’, a dearly loved little brother who is very missed."