Logan Village

Welcome to our inaugural newsletter!

Aren’t our King’s kids amazing! Term 1 saw our children grow in confidence and in the love of learning. It is so pleasing to see and hear of children loving to read as it is foundational for academic growth.

Our nightly home reading is really producing great results and we are tremendously grateful for the partnership we have with parents in seeing this occur each night.

The rigour presented by teachers in daily lessons encourages resilience, reflectiveness, reciprocity, resourcefulness and we can see these developing in students every day.

After school sport has been a real hit with students and this will continue throughout the year. We love seeing children exercise and build physical skills and fitness.

Thank you parents for everything you do to deliver your children into our care each day and in the way you have been overwhelmingly positive and affirming in your feedback.

Our greatest hope for your children and your families is to know our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and the transformative power that is found in Him.

Mr Peter Fossey
Head of Primary