100 Days of School


A little later than scheduled, due to the August lockdown, King's Pimpama Prep and Year 1 students finally got to celebrate 100 Days of School on Thursday 12 August. 

The Prep students were all very excited about their maths lessons, which were themed with 100 days of school activities. The students made bracelets, grouped objects in 10 lots of 10s, did 100 actions throughout the lesson and went home with their decorated 100 days of school crowns. They are all now 100 days smarter, 100 days kinder and the teachers are 100 days brighter.

The Year 1 students had photos taken that aged their appearances, and wrote wonderful stories of where they would be and what they would look like in 100 years' time.  One student commented that he looked like his "Oupa".