2020 High School Athletics Carnival


2020 has seen ongoing change to many of the world’s communities, and one significant change for our King’s community was established at Runaway Bay last week when our Newton students out-jumped, out-threw and out-ran their opponents at the 2020 High School Athletics Carnival. It was one of the biggest upsets in King’s history - our Newton students dethroning the mighty Finney, with Finney finishing a distant second, Rayleigh making the podium for 3rd, and the once mighty Tyndale being relegated to the wooden spoon.

Despite the overall win, it was the ‘Newton golden girls’ who carried their male teammates to such a historic victory. The Newton girls were simply a powerhouse, beating the 2nd place Finney girls by 700 points, while the Newton boys actually finished in 4th place in the 'Male Team Scores.' It was the Rayleigh men who valiantly won the overall 'Male Team Scores.'

Sprint Records Tumble
During the two-day carnival, our younger sprinters demonstrated their talent and hard work through ‘iso’ and King’s witnessed nine of its sprint records fall.

Congratulations to all of our 2020 Record Breakers

  • Blake Byers 13 Years Boys 100m - 12.18 (existing record 12.22)
  • Bailee-Anne Tewake 14 Years 100m – 13.01 (existing record 13.15)
  • Seth Kennedy 12 Years 200m – 26.47 (existing record 27.07)
  • Blake Byers 13 Years 200m – 24.37 (existing record 25.27)
  • Bailee-Anne Tewake 14 Years 200m – 27.04 (existing record 27.24)
  • Cooper Miller 16 Years 200m – 23.46 (existing record 24.12)
  • Tiki Calliste 12 Years 400m – 1:07.69 (existing record 1:08.04)
  • Seth Kennedy 12 Years Boys 400m – 1:00.94 (existing record 1:03.31)
  • Charlie Miller 14 Boys 400m – 55.81 (existing record 57.08)
  • Cooper Miller 16 Boys 400m – 53.75 (existing record 54.87)

Middle Distance Records

  • Charlie Miller 14 Boys 800m – 2:11.44 (existing record 2:20.90)
  • Brad Course 16 Boys 800m – 2:11.10 (existing record 2:15.28)
  • Kyah Anderson 13 Girls 1500m 4:52.40 (existing record 4:56.75)
  • Joseph Lethlean 13 Boys 1500m 4:38.23 (existing record 4:38.35)
  • Charlie Miller 14 Boys 1500m – 4:37.90 (existing record 4:51.53)
  • Brad Course 16 Boys 1500m – 4:24.53 (existing record 4:42.98)

Field Event Records

  • Giselle Arona 14 Girls Shot Put - 10.36m (existing record 10.19m)
  • Charlie Capps 13 Boys Discus – 30.95m (existing record 20.24m)
  • Seth Kennedy 12 Boys Javelin - 20.76m (existing record 20.32)
  • Charlie Capps 13 Boys Javelin – 35.59m (existing record 34.19m)
  • Bailee-Anne Tewake 14 Girls High Jump – 1.52m (existing record 1.50m)
  • Bailee-Anne Tewake 14 Girls Long Jump – 5.37m existing record 5.02m)

Congratulations to our Talented 2020 Age Champions

  • 12 Years: Tiki Caliiste & Seth Kennedy
  • 13 Years: Kyah Anderson & Blake Byers
  • 14 Years: Bailee-Anne Tewake & Charlie Miller
  • 15 Years: Jayda Anderson & Joshua Salisbury
  • 16 Years: Jessica Webb & Jacob Meyer
  • Open: Cassidy Muir & Luke Donnelly 

King’s Gift

Perhaps the highlight of the carnival was our King’s gift which pitted King’s 100m champions against each other, starting from a handicap, so theoretically, anyone could win. The atmosphere was exhilarating! After introducing our 2020 Gift finalists by name and lane, Carnival commentator Toby Sutherland hushed the crowd as they were now in Commonwealth Games Official (Les Gearey’s) hands for the start. 

Following a clean start, Cooper Miller was a powerhouse and mowed down every opponent like Pacman. However, just when it looked like he had the prize secured, new Year 7 King’s student and sprint sensation, Blake Byers, let his instinct take over, finishing like a steam train to cross the line in first place ahead of his training partner, Cooper Miller, with flying Fernando Nash rounding out 3rd Place.

Award Presentations 

To cap off an amazing two-day carnival at Runaway Bay, our high school held the Official Presentation of awards on the College oval on Friday, 31 July, followed by the highly-anticipated Teachers vs Senior Students relay! After an exciting race and exceptional athleticism on display from our teachers and students (and no baton dropped this year), the senior students took out the victory once again!