2020 Spaghetti Bridge Competition


King's entered five primary teams into the 2020 Spaghetti Bridge Competition and Mr Wilson took one representative from each team to the Brisbane headquarters of Engineers Australia on Monday, for the official testing. The challenge was to build the strongest model bridge using only uncooked spaghetti pasta and glue, with a maximum weight allowance of 300gm for the finished product, including the spaghetti, glue and the metal plate that hooks onto the testing machine. The competition is supported by Engineers Australia and is designed to help students hone their engineering skills as they experience the planning, problem-solving and teamwork required for an engineering career.

King's students' bridge constructions were all able to withstand a weight of around 5kg, which was a great attempt for the first year of entry, and our participants all learned a lot throughout the project. The winning team of high school students from Brisbane recorded a massive 76kg weight, and inspired our students who are already looking forward to refining their designs for the 2021 Spaghetti Bridge Competition.

View the Spaghetti Competition video