'Book In A Jar' Winners Announced


Throughout this year's Book Week, King's Library organised a number of activities designed to celebrate books. One of those activities included the 'Book in a Jar' competition. Hundreds of pieces of a book filled the jar, and students and staff had the chance to guess the book to win a tuckshop voucher. There were many correct entries received and the following students and staff successfully won the prize:

High School Winners

  • Mia Bell 12N2
  • Ethan Bristow-Wilson 7F12
  • Sebastien Field 11N9
  • Alexa Morichovitis 8N12
  • Fynn Paludan 10N11
  • Ruoyu Yang 7N9

Primary School Winners

  • Jireh Marescia 6RJ
  • Eloise Morichovitis 5RB
  • Kelsey Tait 6RC
  • Megan Wiehe 6RC

Staff Member Winners

  • Kerrie O'Connor
  • Stephanie Kozina