2021 Leadership Induction Ceremony

Student Leadership
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King’s 2021 College Captains, Vice-Captains, Prefects and Middle School leaders were officially inducted into their leadership roles during a formal assembly on Tuesday, 9 February. Many local Pastors attended as special guests and presented the students from their church with their leadership badges. It was also wonderful to have parents of these incumbent leaders able to attend this important event. Every Year 12 student was awarded their Senior Badge from their Heads of House, to acknowledge their historic and future contributions to the school community as our student leaders for 2021.

Reedy Creek Campus Principal, Mr Russell Meyers, addressed the assembly with some poignant advice about how to grow leadership capacity. He recommended finding a positive mentor; developing greater perspective; intentionally choosing which voice/s to listen to; and continually asking ‘What am I trying to accomplish?’

College Captains, Isaac Gallagher and Ailsa Hartley, gave their inaugural assembly speech and reinforced the importance of unity within the Class of 2021 cohort. They used the analogy of a sports team working together to achieve a common goal, and of Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 12: 18-27, where he reminds us that just as the body needs every part to operate, we all need each other to thrive and remain healthy. Ps Guy Ormerod concluded the service with a prayer of commission over all of our 2021 Year 12 students and Middle School leaders.

We pray for each of our 2021 student leaders as they grow their leadership capacity throughout the year ahead. We know that it is only through a close connection with God, as well as these important partnerships with our parents, families and local churches that we can grow outstanding Christian leaders to be influential in their generation.