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2021 Primary Leaders 2021 1

The King's Primary Leadership Program involves a rigorous selection process that begins with aspiring students leaders exploring the qualities of strong leaders and preparing a written application. Students are shortlisted by the Principal and Primary Coordinators, in consultation with teachers, and shortlisted applicants are invited to present a final speech to their cohort. A male and female students are then selected by Mr Davis for the various Primary leadership roles.

Congratulations to Noah Morichovitis and Justine Vu (centre) who were selected as King's 2021 Primary School Captains and will take on the highest level of student leadership in Primary next year. Well done to the incumbent 2021 Primary Student Executive Captains, Tyler Lock and Daney Van Zijl, who will have a valuable pastoral care role for their peers. Primary Leadership Captains, Elias Giovas and Bianca Falou, will be responsible for coordinating the Peace-Keeping program and activities to enhance school spirit, while Primary Prefects, Jireh Marescia and Zelri Marais, will help build community and culture and present ideas as a voice for the Primary student body next year.

The 2021 Primary House Captains will help coordinate sporting carnivals throughout the year, and lead their respective Houses in championing House spirit.

  • Finney House: Noah Feruzzi and Sofia Payne
  • Newton House: Noa West and Marley Ryan
  • Rayleigh House: Cooper Whitaker and Keilana Stanford-Modini
  • Tyndale House: Micah Eddie and Lana Thompson

Thank you all for your willingness to serve our King’s Primary community as you step into your leadership positions next year!