A note from Mr Fossey

Logan Village

With our introduction of Continuous Feedback this semester you will be quite aware of your child’s progress in Maths. Next semester we develop this further to include some components of English to provide you with almost ‘real time’ feedback. Importantly, at this time of the year, we wish to remind parents that by investing less energy and emotion into the report card, grades and test scores and more into the process of learning and the building of resilience and a growth mindset, is by far the more effective way of encouraging your children to advance academically. Ask your children questions such as “What could you do better next semester? How could you improve in your spelling?” Promoting agency or ownership in learning is a 21st century learning attribute, which is a focus at King’s Christian College. 

We pray that your families will be refreshed, renewed and drawn closer into the presence and transformative power of our Lord Jesus Christ over the next three weeks and greatly anticipate another semester of growth and blessing.

Mr Peter Fossey
Head of Primary