Adventure and Discovery at Year 1's First 2020 Excursion


Year 1 students enjoyed their first excursion last week to the Botanic Gardens in Ashmore, where they were given a grand tour by the garden’s keepers. This was a day filled with adventure, curiosity and discovery as they delved into the Tiny Town’s unit with a focus on managed environments. 

The students saw many different species of plants and identified various habitats for living creatures, including the pond, bamboo, plants and trees. The children were extra careful in the gardens and showed great respect and self-control to not touch the native fauna and flora. 

The students had lots of questions about the habitats they saw, including the native beehives and the worm farm. Many students were fascinated with the native stingless bees habitat as they had never seen a man-made hive before.

The highlight of the day was the unexpected family of swans bathing in the pond with their fresh offspring.

Year 1 Excursion to Botanical Garden
A highlight for the students was when they saw the swans in the pond.

On reflection of the day, the students were amazed by God’s creativity within the garden and how His goodness is demonstrated through His creation.