Amp'd Fun in Term One

Reedy Creek

King’s Amp’d Program provides an amazing array of extracurricular activities designed to help Years 1 – 6 students develop new skills, and foster friendships beyond their class cohort. Amp’d also sparks interest in new hobbies and provides unique experiences for students in a fun and interactive setting.

Throughout the term, Tuesday afternoons have been a highlight of the week, as students leave their classroom to participate in their chosen Amp’d activity. Students have certainly been spoilt for choice, with a variety of offerings available this term, ranging from robotics, mechatronics, drama, cheer, horse riding, golf, skipping, Lego construction, debating, soccer, Rugby union, netball, writing, gymnastics, studying the Word, and musical theatre; to learning Japanese, calligraphy, chess, gardening, cooking, solving mysteries, aerial acrobatics, surfing, and so much more! Special thanks to King's Amp’d Coordinators for all of their work in developing this incredible program. Amp’d has now concluded for Term 1, due to the current health-related restrictions.