I Will - An Easter Poem by Mr Peter Spink


Cross on a hill

I will come to Earth and die
To take away your sin.
I will remove your brokenness
And place My life within.

I will face the whipping post
And My body I will yield.
I will shed My blood for you,
For through it you are sealed.

I will take what you deserve
And I will pay what's due.
I will endure the blood-stained cross
For the joy of knowing you.

I will purify your past
And make you white as snow.
I will forgive your future wrongs
And lead you where to go.

I will free you from yourself
And from your selfish pride.
I will always be with you
And never leave your side.
I will keep you safe from harm
And from the Devil's plans.
I will walk you through each test
And hold you in My hands.

I will give Myself to you
And power you'll receive.
I will raise the dead to life
If you will just believe.

I will show you mysteries
Concealed within My Word.
I will speak into your heart
Truths you've never heard.
I will give all this to you,
All this and so much more.
The only thing that you must do
Is surrender Me your all.

- Easter poem by Mr Peter Spink
King's Year 4 Lead Teacher