Authentic Learning Abounds in Prep Town


Over the holiday break, King's Prep Centre was transformed into 'Prep Town', a thriving community complete with an Apple store, hardware store, music shop, fitness centre and fruit shop. Each store integrates important concepts from Literacy, Mathematics, Science, HASS, Visual Art and Health, in a fun and interactive way. Throughout Term 3, Prep students will enjoy the chance to make products for each store, and visit the various shops, as they develop their skills in the simulated real-life environment. 

Prep's Behaviour Management System for the term is also linked to Prep Town, enriching the students' learning and giving them autonomy to spend the 'money' they generate. Money is given to students for doing the right thing in the classroom and on the playground, and students can lose money for making poor choices. Students take full responsibility for their own money in their money box, and look forward to the chance to purchase products from their peers during the weekly Market Day event. Prep Town is open for business each Friday, from 12.30pm - 1.30pm.