"Buddies" Social Skills Program


Last Friday, Years 4 and 5 enjoyed a social skills production called 'Buddies'. This engaging show followed the journey of two students as they discovered the important keys to building healthy relationships and staying safe online.

The students learned important lessons about cyber safety, such as not sharing passwords, not talking to strangers and how to protect their privacy on apps and games. They saw, firsthand, that a true friend is someone who is kind, tells the truth, listens, makes you feel safe and allows you to be yourself.

Following the production, we had a valuable discussion around displaying the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) in our relationships and life, both in person and online. 

Some feedback from students: 

"I loved learning the The Buddies rap and song"
"It was really funny"
"I've never thought about online friendships that way before"
"They were awesome actors!"
"It helped me understand why my parents don't want me chatting online"
"It's really important who we choose as friends. They will impact our choices and our future more than we realise."

Mrs Emma Geraghty
Year 3-4 Coordinator & Lead Teacher