Budding Builder Inspires Pre Prep Projects

Early Learning

Pre Prep students in the Echidna class have been busy builders - drafting, designing and constructing! This learning journey began when their classmate, Lennox, drew a detailed plan of a building. It had lots of different shapes, and he explained exactly what would go where. As Lennox showed his teachers, he said, "I need to go to Bunnings to buy some tools for my building!" Inspired by Lennox's enthusiasm and the collective interest of the class, the teachers set up a 'construction site' for the Echidnas to work together and build various creations. Some children built their homes or their church, while others built King's Christian College. They loved dressing up as builders, wearing their safety goggles, and using real tools in their play. It was great to see the children collaborating together, sharing ideas and using their imagination, as they learned many new skills throughout this exciting experience.