Bursting Balloons in the Name of Science


As part of Term 3 Science and National Science Week, Year 5 students have been applying scientific theories and research to help them better understand the world around them. The budding scientists have looked at hypothetical questions to test and observe, and learned how to write a scientific report in preparation for the Annual Year 5 Science Fair in Week 7. Miss Derry and Miss Papenfus asked the students in 5RP and 5RD 'How many students can stand on 15 inflated balloons without them popping?' The Year 5s hypothesised and collectively decided the result would be three people. 

To conduct the experiment, student volunteers stood on the upturned table which balanced on top of the 15 inflated balloons. As each additional volunteer stepped onto the table, the audience grimaced in anticipation for the loud 'pop,' until 14 students were standing on top of the balloons before they finally gave in to the pressure. Despite having their hypothesis proved wrong, the students enjoyed learning a valuable lesson about weight distribution and are now excited to be working on their own experiments to be presented at the Fair.

Watch a shortened version of the experiment in action: