Charlie Brings an Ambulance for Show and Tell

Early Learning

This week Noah's Ark had an exciting visit from Paramedic, Justin Payne, who is the father of Pre-Prep student, Charlie. Justin brought his ambulance to the Early Learning Centre so that the young students could get a firsthand look at the many features of the special vehicle. Justin explained to the children about his role as a Paramedic, and how he helps people who are sick or injured. He also reassured them all not to worry if they have to go in an ambulance because the paramedics are always there to help. Some children were chosen as helpers to demonstrate what happens if they have to go in the ambulance. The children were excited to see the bed that went up and down when a button was pressed, to step inside the ambulance, and to watch and listen as the flashing lights and sirens were activated. Thanks Justin for a very informative visit!