Community Connection in Times of Uncertainty


This College Newsletter comes at a time when we are faced with uncertainty on a global scale. We are all being impacted by COVID-19 in various ways but we want to remind you that our College community is here to support you and your family, in any way we can. As a faith-filled community of Christians, we are praying without ceasing, believing that God is in our midst and He is able to work all things out for good, as He promises in Romans 8:28.

As a valued member of our College, you are not alone. We encourage you to connect with others through our social media channels. We will continue to communicate with families via Compass News, and we recommend that you download our free Compass App (if you don't have it yet) so you can remain up to date with notifications. For now, King's remains open and we will continue to be vigilant in providing a healthy and supportive learning environment for our students.

For King's family businesses we have set up the King's Community Share and Sell private Facebook group to help promote your businesses within our community.

King's Community Share and Sell Facebook Group

This group may be used to share resources, as appropriate, or sell stock. Please note, at this time, the group is restricted to King's parents and their businesses, not extended family and the wider community. A series of questions have been set up as part of the approval process for this page. Please answer these questions for a quick approval process.