Creative By Design Week 2021

Logan Village

One of our favourite weeks of the year in King's Primary began on Tuesday, 18 October. Every year, CREATIVE BY DESIGN reminds our primary students of their God-given creativity and skills, as well as His incredibly complex and divine design in the world around us. Through an exciting schedule of Chapels, King's Has Talent Finals, live music, events, incursions, science shows and classroom activities, our Prep - Year 4 students all enjoyed an interactive learning experience that developed them spiritually, emotionally and physically.

This year’s theme ‘BOLT - God Ideas’ focussed on seeking TRUTH by filling our minds with God’s ideas and not the world's, to create the best answers to issues facing this generation. Thank you to our incredible Chaplaincy team, led by Mr Malcolm, for organising such an unforgettable week for our students.

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