Cross Country Carnival 2022


Term 1 kicked off the Cross Country season with over 40 students attending training sessions each week. The weather was causing havoc in the earlier weeks but we were blessed to have an awesome race day. There was lots of camaraderies out on the course and our students competed to the best of their ability. Thank you to all the family supporters who cheered on our athletes to push just a little bit harder. I saw many parents running their own cross country to capture those perfect race photos. It was a very close finish for Primary House Champion with Tyndale winning by only 2 points!!! Finney took out the High School Corss Country with their high numbers in participation.

Primary Carnival (3-6)

High School Carnival (7-10)


1st - Tyndale - 663 points 2nd - Finney - 661 3rd - Rayleigh - 457 

4th - Newton – 421

8 Years Age champions 

1st Bailey Allen / Aaliyah Davies

2nd Maddison Savary  

3rd Tahlia South

1st Preston Parata

2nd Alec De Latour

3rd Lincolnn Franics

9 Years Age champions 

1st Dannie Platon

2nd Allyvia Flancia 

3rd Lana Thompson 


1st Jayden Osondu

2nd Jesse Dexcroizilles

3rd Kristine Lee

10 Years Age Champions

1st Koa South

2nd Lucy Doyle 

3rd Valentina Mini Montalvo Wu

1st Archer Elsey 

2nd Jordan Graham

3rd Caleb Anderson 

11 Years Age Champions

1st Sophia Mantokoudis 

2nd Sienna Mower

3rd Katherine Cortes Rodriguez 

1st Jesse Foster

2nd Bradon Tan

3rd Bronson George

12 Years Age Champions

1st Payton Channell

2nd Mikayla Mcdonald 

3rd Mia Wu

1st Joshua Phipson

2nd Zimri Garaty

3rd Amir Elsayed


1st - Finney - 635 points 2nd - Rayleigh - 5903rd - Newton - 455 

4th - Tyndale – 366

12 Years Age Champions

1st Charliee Owens

2nd Tia Rerekura-Tamaiva 

3rd Aleena Schwer 

1st Harper Faaeteete

2nd Bailey Whtie

3rd Ruben Cary

13 Years Age Champions

1st Jalyn South

2nd Sienna McCartney

3rd Myra Espania

1st Jacob Hankinson

2nd Zach Rankin 

3rd Mason Mower

14 Years Age Champions

1st Justine Platon / Sienna Beyan  

2nd Mia Caldwell / Claudia Templeman 

3rd Danika Snyman

1st Houtson Windle

2nd Slater Lively

3rd Cooper Morris

15 Years Age Champions

1st Naomi Sweeney

2nd Neet Shergill 

3rd Andri Bester

1st Elijah Elsayed

2nd Ryan Farcau

3rd Samuel Brown

16 Years Age Champions

1st Ayla Green

2nd Lily Petherick

3rd Emily Clark

1st Kristian Meuwesen

2nd Josiah Drury

3rd Rocco Basham

Thank you to all the groundsmen and sports teams for making the day happen. Without these people spending hours setting up and packing up, the day wouldn't have been the same!

Joshua Sinclair, Director of sport