​Culminating Events for English


Year 7 English

In Term 1, all Project Based Learning (PBL) teams were challenged with the problem statement: How can we, as readers of narrative texts, create stories so that our peers can recognise and appreciate when moments matter?

The final assessment or project required students to create a narrative that explored a protagonist’s defining moment and the effect that this defining moment had on their life. The culminating event was a ‘reading festival’ where all students read a published anthology of every team’s narratives. Congratulations to all of our Year 7 students on producing such wonderful stories and anthologies.

Year 8 English

The Year 8 students were also required to write a narrative for their final project.

Their problem statement was: How can we explore texts and write quality narratives so that we can effectively participate in a celebration of cultural diversity with our peers?

The final assessment required students to create a narrative that celebrated diversity by using specific cultural and festival details. The students' completed narratives were set in a variety of exciting cultural festivals such as the Diwali Lights Festival, La Tomatina, Holi Festival, and the Harbin Ice Festival.

The culminating event was a multicultural festival where students read their work to spell-bound audiences of their peers who marvelled at their exciting narratives, colourful costumes, interesting props, and tantalising food. Congratulations to all of our Year 8 students. You all did a fantastic job!