Culture that is Caught, not Taught on Year 12 Camp

Reedy Creek

“Culture is caught not taught”

As the anticipation and precipitation started to mount, the one hour drive to Mount Tamborine allowed the calm before the storm. And what was the storm you may ask? Year 12 camp 2020. The bags were unloaded as the students were entertained with the finest orientation video I have seen in my schooling career. As we began our first day of tribal wars, moisture only fuelled Rayleigh’s thirst for greatness as all the other Houses were struck by the surging energy of the rampant Rayleigh. Courage and perseverance were evident in the first day as Tyndale’s new war cry was as fierce as the thunderous storm rolling in.

The aspect of culture “being caught not taught” was manifested in the year 12 cohort as challenges united each house into a competitive spirit. As we were fuelled by arguably the best food out of all the camps, we channeled our maturity into thrift shop night, hosted by Mr Sinclair and Mr Ravell. Not only did we enjoy ourselves but some won large in the bingo game that followed. After a chocolatey dessert, the ‘word’ was delivered by our very own Corban Eriksson and Iris Cambel. The rain outside reflected the emotional touch of the Lord, as not a dry eye was left in the room by the end of the night.

On the second day, students were awoken by the sounds of music as the tones of karaoke filled the air with renditions of “Shallows,” “Let it go” and many more. Rayleigh once again was a force to be reckoned with, but was closely followed by all other houses. The pouring rain made the giant water slide even more enjoyable as we attempted to slide as far as possible. The respect displayed while competing rallied the cohort together, which transferred into the best night of camp as boys turned into men and the girls night’s were made extra special. The overall unity felt throughout the camp transferred into devotions on the second night as Pastor Guy challenged each and every one of us, as many students gave their heart to Jesus. As prayer and prophecy filled the room, the teachers struggled to get us to bed as we were all emotionally touched.

The sun finally emerged from the clouds on day 3, symbolising the rise of grade 12. This was both exciting and saddening as it signalled the last day of camp. Rayleigh’s fiery spirit which was first formed in the rain grew in the heat as all other houses chased their lead. As the last house challenge finished, Rayleigh was unsurprisingly awarded the Noel Collins trophy as Tyndale finished a close second. In the end, the Noel Collins trophy and the help of teachers brought compassion, respect and competitiveness out of the year 12’s. In our last year, we are eternally grateful for our teachers and how much they care for us, as we can cherish the friendships and memories formed at camp forever.

- Sean Oosthuizen, Year 12 Class of 2020