Enchanted Narnia Chair Tells a Fine Tale


Nurse Sue Robertson has a love for up-cycling old vintage or unusual chairs into works of art.  One of her latest projects can be viewed in the Junior Library.  The affectionately loved chair has been called the Narnia Chair due to the exquisite fabrics that Sue found after many years. 

“I’ve always wanted to create a Narnia-themed chair and finding the fabrics has taken me years.  When I started recycling the chair, I knew in an instant I had to turn it into a “King’s Kid Chair”, and so I decided to gift it to the Primary school after I had it professionally upholstered,” said Nurse Sue.

Unlike the Silver Chair in the fourth Chronicle of Narnia, we believe this Narnia Chair will whisk those who love reading into a new world of imagination and develop curiosity while forging a love of learning.

The fabrics used in the upholstery are kid-friendly, and Nurse Sue hopes the chair will bring much-love pleasure to all our students, and teachers, both now and in the future, who instil the love of reading into your King’s Kid!

Thank you Nurse Sue for your generosity and gifting, both in and out of the clinic.