Defining Moments Entry Event for Year 7 English Unit


On Monday 4 February all Year 7 students had the pleasure of attending the Entry Event for their English Project Based Learning unit. This term’s unit is called Defining Moments. The students listened attentively and took notes on the speeches of three people (Eliza Damianopoulos, Jasmin Farrell and Matthew Burden - see image above) who shared the defining moments of their lives.

This great experience will form the basis for the on-going unit in English. Our core Unit Objectives for this unit are for all students to:

  • identify and describe key events in people’s lives and consider the concept of a defining moment;
  • develop an understanding of narrative genre structure and language features; and
  • use the cognitive processes involved in planning and creating a narrative.

We wish to thank all of the speakers for taking time out of their day to invest into the Year 7 cohort at King's Pimpama.