National eSmart Week Promotes RESPONSIBLE ACTION


This year’s national eSmart Week was themed RESPONSIBLE ACTION. Our College took part in this campaign as a chance to remind our students about being smart, safe and responsible with technology. As the popularity of online technology, mobile devices and social media grows, so does the need to be regularly reminded of potential risks and making wise choices in cyberspace.

These were the key messages for taking RESPONSIBLE ACTION online:

  • Be thoughtful - Before adding content online, consider how others might feel about it. Could it hurt or upset someone? Treat people online as you would face-to-face.
  • Speak up when something doesn't feel right – Listen to your instincts if you come across something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, and talk to a trusted adult about it.
  • Take responsibility for your actions - Sometimes we can be hurtful on purpose, but often it's accidental. When we unintentionally cause hurt, we need to acknowledge the other person's feelings, apologise for hurting them, and change our behaviour to avoid doing it again. 

We encourage King's families to access the many excellent resources available on this topic at the eSafety Commissioner's parent’s portal or via Dr Justin Coulson’s free membership for King's parents.