Explosive Science Week a Hit


National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. This year’s theme was 'Food: Different by Design,' in honour of the United Nations International Year of Fruit and Vegetables. King's loves participating in this initiative every year as a way to explore the incredibly complex and interesting world God has created, through the lens of science. 

Watermelon Explosion for Science Week

During Science Week 2021, our High School students witnessed a watermelon challenge and had to guess how many rubber bands it takes to explode a watermelon.  Every student had the opportunity to guess how it would take.  The winners are: 

Year 9 - Tobias Morgan
Guess: 369 
Actual amount: 394

Year 8  - Tracey Tiaiti
Guess: 420 
Actual amount: 422

Year 7 - Tandia Seah
Guess: 405
Actual amount: 415

The Primary students also got behind Science week and incorporated a range of science activities into their week and curriculum.  

Year 3 students investigated how shadows change due to the direction of the sun. They created their own sundials and tested them to see if they could tell the time using the sun and shadows. 

Year 1 students discovered more about their senses during Science Week. Each classroom focussed on one sense and engaged in various experiments, such as making rice dance to sound vibrations, playing games with eye patches, and guessing different objects using smell, taste and touch.