Foundational Values | Learning with Curiosity

With a new fortnight upon us, Primary school are now focusing on the next Foundational Value which is Learning with CuriosityWe will be looking at related Bible stories during our devotion times and also discussing what learning with curiosity means both inside and outside of the classroom. It has been wonderful working with our Primary students over the past fortnight as we focussed on Learning with Excellence and saw so many students regularly demonstrate this Foundational Value, not only in the way they conduct themselves by being punctual, courteous and respectful but also in their attitude and effort towards their studies. I regularly visit classrooms and am genuinely impressed by what I am seeing. Thank you parents for reinforcing these values at home. Congratulations to all of our Foundational Values award recipients from the past fortnight (pictured). I look forward to acknowledging more of you in the coming weeks as you display these important characteristics.

Mr Wilson
Head of Culture / Deputy Head of Primary