Fun at India Mission Festival


On the last day of Term 2, primary students and teachers experienced the essence of India as they participated in our inaugural Indian Mission Fest.  This was a great opportunity to learn about and value India's rich, ethnic and cultural diversity, and to raise money for Manna Ministries and Rock HighSchool in Hyderabad.

We were so blessed to have the support of many of our Indian families during the afternoon. They shared their culture with us by dressing the students in traditional costumes and teaching traditional Indian dance. Students definitely put shyness aside as they danced to the bright upbeat Indian music.

Our staff organised competitive games of ‘backyard cricket’ which the children loved immensely. The traditional Indian cuisine tasted by the students was very popular.

Students enjoyed some Indian crafts such as creating Indian flags, and plaited Indian coloured bracelets to remind them to pray for India.

The Hub was a reflective room where students could come to pray for India. Overall, it was such an enjoyable and fun afternoon, bringing our two communities together to support and bless India as it goes through some tough COVID times.