Healthy Relationships Impact Year 6 Leaders


Dr Justin Coulson at King's

The Year 6 leaders have written this article about Dr Justin Coulson recent visit to King's Pimpama:

Dr Justin Coulson from Happy Families came in to talk to us about healthy relationships with our friends. We heard how having connections with people is very important and they are not that hard to find. He asked us to do some practical exercises, like find a student in Year 5 and find out what we had in common with them, an incident that changed our lives and if we would rather be pretty, rich or smart. This actually helped me connect with the student that came up to me. 

Mr Coulson also talked about how to have lifelong connections with friends because of the little things that we can bond over. I enjoyed the way he presented it because it made me feel like I could be mature about my feelings. A very interesting comment he made was that people sometimes get involved in drama cyclones, which is when things get a bit out of hand.

We really enjoyed Mr Coulson’s talk because he presented it in a fun way and it is relevant in our daily lives.

Phoebe Anderson and Mitch Garcia