High School Homework Approach

Homework Hours

Homework is an important aspect of developing a student’s ability to apply themselves and succeed academically. Here is a general guide to the amount of time your High School student should be spending on their homework:

Year 745 minutes - 1 hour per night
Years 8 - 91 - 1.5 hours per night
Year 101.5 hours per night
Years 11 - 122 hours per night

Are assignments part of homework?

Yes. As the term progresses, students will need to spend increasing amounts of time at home on their assignments. Class time is allocated, but most assessment items will also require additional time. Teachers often dedicate some lesson time to help students prepare for an assignment or exam, but if they waste time in class, students will need to spend more time finishing their work at home and the extra stress is self-imposed. 

Procrastinating at home is also not successful. Students should position themselves in a quiet area, free from distraction (including devices). Even a short amount of time can be very productive when one is fully focused

What should parents do if it seems like there is too much homework?

  • Ensure that time spent on homework is as productive as possible ensuing that distractions, such as mobile phones and social media, are being avoided.
  • Consider time management and planning of homework across the week
  • If homework is regularly taking more than the suggested time, please make contact with the classroom teacher to discuss solutions.