High School Students Share Online Learning Experiences


Two Year 8 students, Ellis Petrucci and Kristian Meuwesen, share their online learning experiences as part of this week’s English assignment.

Video calls, quiet breaks, and fun, whole classroom chats. This is what we’ve been experiencing through this whole time of online learning.

At first, I was extremely reluctant and unenthusiastic about it. The thought of coming to school and not being able to see my friends, or barely anyone for that matter, did not abide well in my mind. However, after the first day, I was completely eager for more. Not only do the quieter classrooms and fewer kids help me get more work done, but the discussions that we all get involved in and the more one-on-one chats with new people help me to have a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

Another bonus is the extra 10-minute breaks between lessons, which are a big relief to all of us! Through the online learning stage, I have also become closer to more select individuals who I would’ve never hung out with before, and class times are now extraordinarily fun because of the humorous conversations that we occasionally all engage in!

Even though there are some downsides, like not being able to instantly call on a teacher for help or being able to get peer feedback, it’s been a pleasant, yet unusual time that I wouldn’t mind experiencing again (under better circumstances of course!).

- Ellis Petrucci, Year 8

Online learning for me was definitely a step out of my comfort zone, as I am always used to the teacher being there to help anytime, which I am sure I’m not the only one.

A few challenges that I faced would be needing to know how to do something and asking my questions on the social stream and having to wait for my answer. Of course, at times, technology did not always work the way I wanted it to and learning how to receive digital or recorded feedback was certainly strange. The struggles at times left me feeling behind.

Coming into school has made it a bit easier to do my work at school though, as I can still see some of the teachers and I have found some friends at school that I work really well with that I didn’t see before the online learning. Altogether, the past few weeks have been tough and new, but I have really enjoyed them, and they have helped me realise who I can work with and still get the assessment done more productively.

- Kristian Meuwesen Year 8