High Schoolers on the Home Straight


Our High School students are rounding the final bend of Term 2 in more ways than one. King's teaching staff have been really encouraged to see the hard work so many students have put in this term. Their preparation of drafts and application of teacher feedback has brought some noticeable improvements in the quality of student work. Over the last few weeks, our High Schoolers have also had their study and exam preparation skills put to the test as well.

As you are aware, our Continuous Reporting approach began this year and we are pleased to be able to provide assessment results in real time and much more frequently. Your student's results will become available over the next fortnight in Compass. Through the Compass app, parents can simply select 'My Student' and then 'Grades' to view the grades for their child's various subjects. End of Semester Academic Reports for Years 7 - 10 students will also be available in Compass. Login to Compass here...

We are excited about our High School Athletics Carnival taking place over two days in the last week of term. These events are always a valuable and fun experience for our students as they engage in King’s culture, and have the opportunity to showcase their sporting, leadership and teamwork skills, away from the classroom.

Whether it's competing in the Carnival or supporting their House and peers, or bringing their best to class until the last day of term, we look forward to seeing every student continue to show King's Foundational Values as they cross the Term 2 finish line well! We particularly think of our Year 12s whose whole school finish line is looming large now. We are so blessed to be able to pour out our energy and dedication throughout the term, then enjoy three weeks of rest so that we can return refreshed and ready for all that Term 3 has in store. Enjoy!

Mrs Karley Lonsdale
Assistant Head of Teaching & Learning - Secondary