Highlights from Ignite


Years 5 and 6 spent Term 3 exploring their passions and developing new ones. Here’s a snapshot of what they've been getting up to ...

Nikon over to this Choice (Photography)

Students learned about different camera angles, lighting, portrait positioning and editing.

They ended the term with a photoshoot of campus using proper reflectors and glitter. Take a look at some of the students' favourite photos:

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The fascinating world of discovering sparkling gems, hidden beneath the earth, embedded in rock and tumbling in rivers. Students went treasure hunting! They dived into the discovery of fossils, gemstones, rocks and minerals. It was a fascinating insight into the formation of rocks, gems and crystals. They loved fossicking for gems and using their discoveries to create beautiful sun-catchers and gem-encrusted crosses. 


The students competed in the KCC eSports League and learned the true skills of competitive gaming - integrity, teamwork, perseverance and problem solving.

The ProCreators

Students learned all the tricks of how to use the app, Procreate, helping them enhance their projects and take their digital art to the next level! 

Passion Project

Students worked on personal projects that excited and energised them. 

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