Historical Excursion for Year 2 Students


Beenleigh Historical Village and Museum

Year 2 students visited the Beenleigh Historical Village and Museum recently. This informative excursion gave students hands-on experience of how everyday activities were conducted in the past and a deeper understanding of how technology has shaped our lives.

The students were invited into an original classroom from the 1800s where they participated in an interactive lesson with Mrs B’Have. They learned about the dreaded cane, the dunce hat and the wooden ruler knuckle smack.

Another highlight was wash day. Students scrubbed their cloths on an old-style wash board before rinsing them and pushing them through a vintage wooden hand crank clothes wringer.

There was much disbelief amongst our Year 2 students as a volunteer explained how large hand held saws were used to cut down huge trees. Each child had an opportunity to cut into a log of wood.

Comments from the students after the excursion were:

"I loved learning about how they cut trees down."

“My grandad got the cane.”

“That’s a weird looking telephone.”

“Life was so much harder in the olden days.”

“I’m glad Mrs B’Have doesn’t work at King’s!”

“Does that toilet have a flush button?”