Tastebuds Ignited


Kooking with Keil  was a tasty and a big hit with 27 Year 5 and 6 students during Term 3's Ignite Program.  Here's what a few of them had to say about this tasty experience: 

What did you enjoy about Kooking with Keil?

  • "Being able to cook with our friends and being able to eat it at the end."  - Passion 6PE
  • "It was really fun because we all got to work together and we got really messy, which made it EXTRA fun, and all the food we made tasted really good."  - Olivia 6PS
  • "We learned time management and I could cook and bake food and share with it with everyone else."  - Ami 6PE
  • "Being able to make fantastic things and making knew things that I have never made before."  - Zara 5PS

What new skills did you learn?

  • "Always trust my taste buds!"  - Zaza 5PS
  • "Cooperating with others."  - Nicole 5PD
  • "Dishwashing and time management."  - Ami 6PE
  • "I learned to measure and wait for the food to cool down before touching it."  - Isabella 6PS

What was your favourite recipe?

  • "Ice cream sundae and nachos"  - Angelina 6PB
  • "Ham and cheese pinwheels"  - Alyssa 6PS
  • "Quiches and ice cream sundae"  - Ashlee 6PE

Did you try any new foods you hadn't tried before? If so, did you like them?

  • "I had never had quiches before and I liked them so much I recreated them at home."  - Ashlee 6PE
  • "Only quiche, I hadn't eaten that before, I really like this now."  - John 6PE
  • "I liked the ham and cheese scrolls."  - Isabella 6PS

Would you recommend this to other King's students? If so, why?

  • "Yes, because I loved it, and you get free food and have fun with your peers."  - Khara 6PE
  • "Yes, because you get to learn new things and I like that you get to eat it."  - Immy 6PB
  • "Of course! Cooking class is a chance to make new friends and try something different.  It’s one of the best classes that you could EVER attend!"  - Olivia 6PS

Who knows? We may have a future Master Chef in our midst!