Inter-school Tennis 2019


The Brisbane International Regional Trials

We were privileged to be able to send selected students to a Red, Orange and Green Ball inter-school competition for the Brisbane International Regional Trials. The Red Ball challenge was held at Somerset College on 15 October, while the Orange and Green Ball competitions were held at Gold Coast Seniors Tennis Club, Miami on 1 November. This was a wonderful opportunity for our young tennis players to sharpen their skills in a challenging competition.

‘It was King’s Pimpama first tennis tournament and my favourite part was when I helped my teammates score. We also practised on the small courts which helped us win the last few games.’

Kye Harrison 3E

‘I went to represent the school in tennis, and I found that it was fun and challenging.’

Zac Rankin 5T

‘It was challenging at times but very fun.’

Isaac Day 5T

‘It was fun at times but also hard, especially when we play against the stronger teams. I enjoyed the teamwork.’

Mitchell Garcia 4G

‘I loved going to tennis because I got to represent the school.’

Naomi Sweeney 6S