Interschool Senior Chess Competition


Nearly 100 Gold Coast students spent the day at Somerset College on Wednesday, 12 August, representing their respective schools in the Secondary Chess Championships. The day consisted of seven very competitive rounds of chess against some of the strongest players from TSS, St Stephens, Somerset College, Assisi College, Miami State High School and Canterbury College. Competitors were allocated into teams of four based on their Queensland Junior Chess Ratings, and placed in divisions based on skill, Premier and Open.

  • Team 1 (Premier): Jordan Chan 4.5, Edwin Choi 6, Ethan Carr 5, William Mehta 4/7. Result: 3rd Place
  • Team 2 (Premier): Cameron Evetts 1, Tristan Smith 2, Brodie Hansen 3, Nepal Krongkaew 2. Result: 6th Place
  • Merits Premier Division: Jordan Chan, Edwin Choi, Ethan Carr
  • Team 3 (Open): Jamie Evetts 5, Raphael Knudsen 5, Louis Razon 4.5, Rachael Byrne 5/7. Result: 2nd Place
  • Team 4 (Open): Johnny Yao 5.5, Rohan Sen 4, Stephen Lin 5, Tyrone Okesene 3.5/7. Result: 4th Place (by only ½ a point)
  • MeritsOpen Division: Jamie Evetts, Raphael Knudsen, Louis Razon, Rachael Byrne, Stephen Lin and Johnny Yao.

Well done to all 16 King’s Christian College students, we were very proud of your efforts and behaviour. The next inter-school Competition will be held on Thursday, 3 September, at Clover Hill State School, for Reedy Creek Primary students.

Mr Cooke
King's Chess Coordinator