Introducing Mr Glenn Miles, Head of Culture

Glenn Miles

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Glenn Miles and I have been blessed to work in the King’s family since 2017. 

Moving to the Gold Coast in 2001, I am now in my 20th year of living and working as a teacher on the Gold Coast. In 2014, I became disillusioned with the public school teaching profession, completed a Certificate II in electrotechnology in an attempt to change careers and even worked in a number of part-time acting roles on a range of television shows (not telling which ones…). However, the Lord had other plans and, in late 2016 a full-time teaching position was advertised for King’s Christian College. 

Having spent more and more time in church in search of greater purpose, this job seemed to fit in with all that I knew as a professional teacher, but also offered me the chance to grow my spirituality in a totally new place - my occupation!

Since that time I have worked with the amazing people at our Reedy Creek campus. Of special note was the truly unique and unforgettable Mrs Mandy Cromwell, who steered the high school English department for many years with the resolve known only to the genuinely faithful lovers of Jesus Christ. Her absence is still felt today. 

I was fortunate enough in 2018 to be accepted as a Head of Year and then given the chance to serve the Reedy Creek High School as male Head of House for Finney in 2019, working alongside Mrs Lucy Batt. Our efforts that year were rewarded with Finney winning the Principal’s Cup and some pretty cool prizes for everyone in that House. 

The culture that has been built in Finney is one of love first; love of God, love of learning and love for others. This way of positively engaging with every aspect of school life is something that Pimpama is also building very nicely. In my new role as Head of Culture for the Pimpama campus, I believe it is a God-given privilege to play a small part in helping our culture to grow and thrive in this fascinating and expanding part of the Gold Coast. I look forward to meeting you, if I have not already, and working alongside you to glorify God and bring more and more people into the knowledge of His kingdom. 

If you have an issue that requires some help, bring it along and let’s have a chat. If you have a guitar, bring it along and we can have a jam.

Mr Glenn Miles
Head of Culture
Acting Deputy Head of Pimpama Campus

" So Jesus said to them again, “Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.”"