Introducing Prep Education Assistants for 2021


Prep Education Assistants at KPC

This year King's Pimpama Prep team is blessed to have five Education Assistants to support the students and teachers. Welcome to Tabetha Whyte in PPK (Mrs Gurren), Rebecca Buckle in PPC (Miss Beveridge), Michelle Saad in PPV (Miss Van Rooyen), Giselle Correia in PPG (Mrs Glass) and Maddi Fife (absent in photo) in PPB (Mrs Bruneau).

The Education Assistants all enjoy working in Prep. They enjoy the cuddles they get from the students. A highlight is being able to nurture and share the love of Christ at the start of their learning journey. The Educational Assistants are thrilled to see the love of learning spark in each child, from the "aha" moments to seeing them overcome a challenge - they are so proud to be in each child's life at the start of the school journey.